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Happy New Year to one and all, we wish you a safe, healthy and prosperous year ahead.

Here in Australia we are experiencing our worst ever summer of wildfires and it is heartbreaking to see what is happening to our country night after night on the news. Lives are being lost, thousands of homes razed, millions of hectares of land destroyed, and estimates beyond half a billion animals have perished. The end is not yet in sight and more losses are expected. Life is not expected to ever be the same for the tens of thousands effected by this disaster.  read more 


The generosity from around the world has been astounding but this will be a long and drawn out process and recovery will be slow. There are many who are helping people and communities but there is the immediate need to address the devastation of wildlife which is experiencing unimaginable suffering and may never fully recover. We feel compelled to help in any way possible, and are working hard to complete projects that will have a dramatic positive effect in so many different ways and for so many different species. 

We are a proud Australian company focused on the health of all creatures great and small. It is clear to us that we have technology available to us that can make very real impact on the front line of this unfolding catastrophe. The application of hydrogen rich water to the surviving wildlife is by far the most effective first aid treatment that these animals can receive. It will directly and immediately address the massive inflammation and trauma that is determining life or death at that time. Its ability to assist the skin to repair and heal is astounding and the high hydrogen and oxygen content of the enriched water significantly favours the aerobic nature of these animals and boosts the ability to resist the anaerobic viruses and bacteria that cause infection and disease.

It is critical that the recovery of the earth itself includes the bio-diverse organisms in the soil that in turn feed the plants the essential nutrients and life-giving fundamentals that allow for plant life. As we all know, poor soil results in poor plants and these fires have now voided much of the life in the ground. The insects are gone, the worms are gone and the birds and animals that have survived the fires now have nothing to eat. When there finally is plant life re-emerging in the seasons to come, we will need the bees to pollinate, but sadly they too have been lost. The entire food chain in many cases has been lost and must begin again, literally from the ground up. 

It has been estimated that on a place called Kangaroo Island, where the healthiest Koalas in the world live, approximately 50% of their 50,000 strong population has been lost. The devastation of the land is such that there are very real fears that they may not recover. It is heartbreaking to see these gentle creatures in such a state and on such a massive scale. Kangaroos, Wallabies, Echidnas and countless other species have been decimated and yet these fires still rage. It is early summer here and there are hundreds of fires raging across the country which have been fought for more than three months already.

Time is not on our side and there is so much to do. There are less than a handful of companies in the world that can assist with the recovery of life such as we are able to do. We at Hydrogen Technologies can build the machines needed to be donated to the many institutions and animal hospitals currently inundated with wildlife needing care. Water supplying infrastructure needs to be built and rebuilt to enable access to life in our already drought-stricken country. Pumping stations, irrigation and water enrichment infrastructure needs to be addressed as a major priority to limit the severity of the scarring that our country will have to bear. Thousands of beehives will need to be built to provide accommodation for nature to return and do her thing. We have the knowledge of how nature works and now more than ever, we need to work with her in what will ultimately affect us all in some way or another, either now or in the future.

This is a massive task and one that will take many thousands of people to address. It is one that our country has not seen before, and it is one that we fear will not be the last for our world. The signs have been there for all to see for quite some time and whether it be man-made or environmental, the fact is that it has, and is happening. The blame game can be debated later, but the most important thing remains and that is that something is actioned, and it is actioned now. This will take a phenomenal amount of money to address, and it is only as a collective global group that we will be able to get this done. Together we can make a real difference.

Our fires continue to rage and sadly there is still more to come before we really see what devastation and consequences we are left to deal with. There will be many lessons learned and new methods, protocols and technologies applied during this recovery period, all of which can be implemented as required anywhere in the world should the need arise. Sadly, we believe that this will not be an isolated incident and inevitably, the need will arise again.

Please help us to help our flora, our fauna, our country, our earth. We have so much to do and we need to start as soon as we can. These are terrible times and we hope that together we can achieve great things. We are a good company and can provide real solutions but unfortunately we can not do this alone, and we can not just sit back and do nothing either. At the very least we must act on our values, Respect - Integrity and Courage. Together we are stronger.

Thank you so much for all the love and generosity we have seen from all around the world. We appreciate and are grateful for your support and assistance at this difficult time. If you too want to help please let us know but at the very least, please spread the word about Molecular Hydrogen and the good that simple supplementation can bring for all of us, large and small.

Please share our message with your friends and family as our country really does need all the help it can get.

Many Thanks from all of us here at Hydrogen Technologies.


Kind regards,


Jim Wilson


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